Ok, so everyone is saying there is going to be some serious heatwave backlash in the form of horrid weather over the next few days. But right now I’m blinded by heat and the sauna-like conditions have rendered me seemingly un-exercisable. The idea of actually choosing to sweat even more than I already am is just baffling to me.

Unfortunately in 7 days I have a run to do.

A run that I have not trained for at all. So, these next 7 days are pretty important to get me up to a speedy (or at least achievable) 10k distance, ready for my Sunday cancer-beating battle with the pavement. With all those sevens and tens in mind, here are five top tips to beat the heat during your next workout. (Alternatively you could just sit in the shade wearing oversized sunglasses to hide your melting mascara and suck on ice cubes whilst complaining about the weather. Because thats totes normal right?)


1 IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING Keep your exercise scheduled for the cooler parts of the day, early in the morning or evening are best. If you can only manage a sweltering midday workout, try decreasing the intensity.  If all else fails, take your exercise inside, go to the gym, follow an online yoga routine or try one of my nifty exercise plans here.

2 HYDRATE, HYDRATE & HYDRATE SOME MORE Drink water all day, (not just during your workout) to keep you hydrated, and tackle some of those nasty symptoms you can get from exercising in heat (think dizziness and headaches – gross).

3 MIX IT UP Change the type of workouts you’re doing to fit in with the summer temps. On super hot days choose cooler cardio activities like grabbing your bike (hello refreshing breeze) or swimming.

4 LOOK THE PART I’ve already chewed your ears off about picking workout gear that will motivate you and make you feel great as you sweat it out, but in summer it’s also important to think about keeping cool. Lightweight and breathable clothes are a complete must. Wearing a cap to keep the hot sun off your head helps heaps too. Check out our heat proof picks:


5 LISTEN UP Most importantly though, listen to your body. If you’re feeling dizzy, nauseous or faint at all – stop*!

*Unless you are me and have a bloody race to train for. 

Maybe I will just wait another hour and hope it cools down a bit. 

Or maybe a couple of hours…. Yeah….. I will get to it later for sure. 

[Falls down in crumpled heap of hotness]


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