One of my favourite place to watch a film is nestled up under a polyester blanket, between two smelly strangers on a plane. They often have an impressive variety to choose from, whether you feel like getting the not-quite latest blockbuster, or prefer to eat your reheated chicken kiev in front of Big Bang Theory re-runs, they’ve got you covered. I can never pass up a good chick flick in these situations. And my latest 50,000 feet choice was Wimbledon. As I watched the British/American love triangle sprinkled with tennis puns and ball jokes, I said to myself “I could do that”. Yup, it was in that Kirstin Dunst fuelled moment that I decided I would take up tennis (and promptly go pro – of course).

About ten minutes after the movie ended I forgot about it.

But then Wimbledon (like actual Wimbledon, not just Rom-Com Wimbledon) turned out to be just around the corner* and reminded me of my destiny to be the worlds greatest tennis player. That moment coincided nicely with the discovery of Sweaty Betty‘s latest tennis sportswear collection.


Sweaty Betty is an english icon when it comes to health and fitness. Not only do they make bright, fun, inviting and coveted sportswear (think; well beyond black leggings) they also offer fitness classes to their customers for free multiple times a week (such as yoga, pillages, bootcamps etc etc). You could literally not shell out heaps of cash on a gym membership, and just head to your local SB shop to get your dose of exercise induced endorphins.

Ultimately however, free classes aside, SB make gorgeous gear. And you know what? There is a lot to be said for spending time, energy (and maybe even a bit of hard cash) on nice fitness wear. In a world full of excuses and lack of motivation, kitting yourself out in the right stuff, stuff that serves both a function and looks damn good, is imperative to helping you out that door in the morning. If you aren’t excited about the run (because most people aren’t at 5am) maybe you can find excitement in putting on those cute print capris and lacing up your pastel runners?

I digress, basically what I’m saying is, I can most definitely become a Wimbledon champion – I just need these threads to help me.


I like the preppy return of vintage tennis fashion in this collection (of course married with the function of modern day fabrics). Because, lets face it, historically women looked way better in their tennis get up than they do now…


The somewhat muted colour palette of pinks, whites and grey marl also wins me over, but most importantly I love the little detail of that collar. After all, tennis is a classy sport.

And I’m classy a lady. So here goes!

*Wimbledon starts on June 23rd and runs until the 6th of July, for all the details and match schedules head here.


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