In the midst of this completely balmy weather we’re having in the UK, the idea of winter seems a bit farfetched, but (of course) all the collections are coming in, shops are beginning to stock their coats, and our minds are wandering to cashmere cardigans, cable knits and riding boots. So, what trends should you be investing in this season?

Here at fashion fitness food HQ, we think these five are essentials for the fashion conscious wardrobe this A/W14…

FiveFashionWinter2 FiveFashionWinter3

Belt One of the best things about winter is getting lost in the positively gooey piles of warm fabrics. Unfortunately for most of us, when it comes to layering up, the line between looking like the chic street style photographs on our Pinterest boards, and the michelin man is very thin. Very, very thin. I find one of the best (and simplest) tools to combat this winter wardrobe mishap is a belt. Make like fashion revolutionary Coco Chanel and pop a belt over your coat, cinching in your waist and creating a fabulous figure whilst also being insanely warm. (Aka winning at life).

FiveFashionWinter4 FiveFashionWinter5

Box Bag This baby isn’t your everyday piece. We know its inability to carry last nights leftovers, your emergency phone charger and precisely 86 different shades of red lipstick, mean it won’t become your Monday to Friday go-to. But what it will become is a dainty little number, with the ability to step up your look and give it some feminine charm. Dinner date? Drinks? The box bag is your new bestie.

FiveFashionWinter6 FiveFashionWinter7

Elbow Patch Synonymous with maths teachers everywhere, the patch is having its moment in fashion (again). Adding in a splashes of different colours, fabric choices or even a bold patterns, this style is a great update to your basic knit. But, before you start attacking your cashmere with the kitchen scissors, why not pick from our pre-made faves below…

FiveFashionWinter8 FiveFashionWinter9

Sleeveless Coat Building on the masculine influences that have been prevalent in fashion for the last few seasons, our hands down favourite trend this season, is the vest coat. Think your boyfriends tuxedo jacket – with the arms slashed off. We like this style best when its long (below the knees), grey, and the collar is popped.


Peep Toe Boot Yes, this footwear is a bit confused. Is it a sandal? A boot? Nobody knows. But, paired with some killer leather trousers and a trench (knotted at the waist, of course) you won’t care what it is. Hey, it could be worse guys, at least this season the firm fashion favourite isn’t also made of suede!

So, with coats that don’t cover our arms, bags barely big enough to carry our Oyster cards and boots that won’t win in a battle against a puddle, our winter picks don’t look very practical do they? But you know what they do look?

Damn good.

And you will too.

Practicality be damned. This is fashion. I am not your mother and you don’t have to wear your coat even if it does look cold out. (But if it’s sleeveless, you probs should).


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