You know when you discover a really good cafe, and you are suddenly in the midst of inner turmoil. Do you tell the world about the incredible raw cheese cake and unbeatable almond milk flat whites? Or do you resist and keep this hidden gem … just that…. hidden? Selfishly keeping a smug look on your face whilst sipping on your new fave green smoothie that was neither over priced nor took 3 hours of waiting in line to get your its on.

Well my latest discovery is just like. Except replace perfect caffeine hits for gorgeous clothes.

Ok, so Chinti and Parker isn’t really the fashion world equivalent, because its a pretty darn well established brand. In fact, it’s been around since 2009, started by cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood. It’s also in no way unheard of, having been spotted on the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Kate Huddson, but it isn’t a main stream brand. It’s boutique. It’s that perfect blend of ‘no-one-will-rock-up-in-the-same-outfit-as-you’ and ‘you-can-be-100%-confident-you-are-wearing-damn-good-quality’. What’s not to love about that?

C&P2 C&P1

Known for it’s beautifully simple and effortlessly wearable clothes, that combines great craftsmanship with classic style, Chinti and Parker has quickly become recognised as a leading luxury ready-to-wear label.

But the best bit? It isn’t the pretty prints or dainty details (although they are pretty good), it is the pure quality of each and every piece in the collection. Huge advocates of a ‘buy better’ philosophy, the label works tirelessly to reconcile great design and the very best materials with considerate, fair production. All the Chinti and Parker pieces are made in factories carefully selected by the family team for their expertise and fantastic credentials.

From timeless knitwear to playful t-shirts and classic shirts (with a stylish touch – of course) there is simply no way you won’t find something to fall in love with.


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