Ok, stop the press (except this is a blog, therefore not going to press… but you get what I mean)… Here are some kittens working out. (Not joking).

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Whenever I see an advert that I really enjoy it makes me want to support whomever created it. Maybe it’s because my father works in advertising and I always think of some poor sucker stuck behind a desk trying to squeeze some sort of creativity out of his beige surroundings. Or maybe its because when an ad is good, it works. (Probably that one). So, with that in mind, and this being a set of magazine ads for a Turkish home gym supplier, is anyone free this weekend to help me carry some rather heavy boxes from Ankara to London? Ta.


*Random fact of the day (learnt from QI, which I’m currently watching so bloody much of that I’m developing a school-girl crush on Alan Davies), a group of kittens is called a kindle. Best fact ever.

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