Sometimes certain things just stay with you. Bad breath. The dire need for a post dinner sugar hit. Or, incredibly written articles.

Although I have experienced all of the above (today), right now I want to talk about an article I read in Stylist magazine.

Because, it stuck.

Like my bad teenage crush Daniel Radcliffe, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

Although this beautifully crafted piece of journalism (ups to you Kate Graham) focuses on the female obsession with the way we look, containing toe curling facts like “just 4% of women worldwide describe themselves as beautiful”, it is the wider implications of personal negativity that have got me thinking.

You see, I’m having a bit of a life crisis. Not in a real something-actually-bad-is-happening way, just in a way that I think most people (especially woman in their late twenties) can relate to. I’m currently experiencing an “Omg I have taken on way too much, and cannot do it all perfectly whilst also wearing a onesie and watching The Great British Bake off” crisis. (It’s a real thing).


Whether it’s the missed Saturday morning run, or the remains of a Big Mac binge in the rubbish giving me the evils – I will find something to beat myself up about. Daily. Hell – hourly.

And I know I am not alone.

It seems that every generation is getting harder on themselves. The world no longer simply (**insert large dollops of sarcasm here**) expects us to be brilliant parents and tippy top of the career ladder – now we are expected to wield abs and a sugar free diet to boot.

It’s just too much.

Did you know that by 2020 it is expected that stress will become the second biggest killer (after heart disease). So what we need to be doing is taking that stress and negativity away, not fuelling it with our own gang of inner Mean Girls.

If you google how to de-stress, there are a million articles. From daily exercise, to deep breathing, eating dark chocolate, to really anything and everything. All of these tips and tricks however can mostly all be boiled down to one thing – do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t.

I hate to think that by writing this bog I somehow contribute to negative inner monologues of anyone. Because the truth is, we are all doing the best we can, and as long as that hasn’t involved murdering someone or wearing leggings as pants, then we are all doing ok right? And remember, often it is the stress itself that is the worst for us, so no matter what it is that is getting you down – make peace with your decisions and move forward.

I am at fault of so many of the above, that I can practically hear the boy rolling his eyes at my suggestion, for you to all calm down a little.

Having said that, I am going to continue to ignore his eye roles (as per usual) and try to stick to my own advice. Taking the time, daily, to stop a moment, take a deep breath and thank myself for being so darn hard working and ambitious.

Before inevitably telling myself off for grabbing a ludicrously expensive coffee on the way to work and not beating my PB on the sprint up the Central Line escalators. Baby steps guys, baby steps.


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