Here comes the much anticipate sequel to my Christmas gift guide saga. December is so darn close I can practically feel the mince pies attaching themselves straight to my thighs.

If the people you love are partial to a sweat session, why not try one of these for under the tree.


1 The likelihood is that any fitness fiend has some goals or regular workout routines. (I am a huge advocate for writing down your aims – making them realistic and achievable is an entirely different battle). Every week I diligently fill out my Fitbook (find it here) and give myself resolutions* (followed closely by rewards for sticking to them for seven days straight). If handing over something that asks the receiver to track food intake seems a little crass to you, why not opt for this Goals Journal, a similar idea, but more about keeping yourself inspired that out of the cookie jar.

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2 When Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes announced they were producing offspring the world knew it was in for one of the prettiest babies around. Well, when sportswear maven, Nike, and archetypal British pattern house, Liberty, copulate (as they’ve been doing on the regular) we all got the same feeling – right?! Right. So give something that every gym bunny is dying for… a piece from the latest Nike x Liberty collection.

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3 These are the Christmas jumpers of the fitness world (aka inspirational chic). Everyone has a love/hate relationship with cheesy slogans, but ultimately we can’t get enough. So whether you go for the classic “Just Do It” or these more original “Catch Me If You Can” leggings, add some nauseating (but oh-so-novel) cliche quotes to your stocking stuffers.

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4 Every time I head online there is a new, and more exciting, fitness tracker being announced. Whether it can sense your sleep, tell you how many flights of stairs you’ve clambered up, or check your heart rate – these babies are at the tippy top of every sports lovers wish list. Extra points if you can get a super stylish one two, like the Jawbone (pictured above).

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5 Nobody seems to have got the memo that a gym bag does not, in fact, have to be a hideous piece of equipment. It simply has to hold all your sweaty workout gear and perhaps a banana or two. So get your bestie to dump that ancient Jack Willis/Country Road (depending on which side of the world you are) duffle bag and update it with something a little more sophisticated.

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*I like to thinks of these as resolutions rather than goals. Running a marathon is a goal. Once you’ve achieved it, it’s done (tick), regardless of how you got there or what you will do post-run. Where as “no snacks after dinner” is a resolution – you won’t always do it, (sometimes you will epically fail and end up lying in a pile of Ben’s Cookies and Heston Christmas Pudding ice cream), but you haven’t failed, and your resolution still stands to continue on day after day. Or until another Holiday season.

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