The Borough Markets is a London hub for all things hipster, filled with (shock horror) all the things those hippy hipsters like to eat. Organic fruit and veg? Heaps! Gluten free muesli? By the barrel. Pots of game meat mixed with obscure herbs? They’ve got it (as do we now, thanks to the boy). Don’t take my tone as derogatory, because all those things sound pretty darn good to me too. Which is why, one not too stormy afternoon, I grabbed the boy, the camera, and headed out to see what I could find at this fresh food haven.

It was pretty much my dream under emerald green awning. As well as stalls selling preprepared eats (think; a tasty lunch spot), there was heaps of produce to choose from, all sorts of butcheries, wineries and cheese makers. Literally, you name it – they had it. To find this, not so small, collection of specialty culinary sellers right in the heart of London lifted my slightly rained upon spirits.

The boy and I picked up lunch (I had an every colour salad and he, a traditional British scotch egg) and some gorgeous looking veggies to cook up for dinner. We decided we would make this a fairly regular stop for us, as the selection on offer was far superior (like out-of-this-world superior) to any supermarket we’ve ever seen, and the price wasn’t that shabby either. All the food came from locally sourced farmers and the people you were buying off were actually passionate about what they were selling (try finding that across the counter at Tescos).


One of the things the boy and I have been discussing lately is the importance of the quality of food you’re putting in your body. This doesn’t necessarily mean we hop around picking the stupidly expensive things earmarked “organic”, but it means we are going to start making a conscious effort to be mindful about our choices. Picking your fruit and vegetables seasonally will help ensure they haven’t traveled too far (aka a good food footprint), and making sure you do buy organic (or seriously wash) any of the dirty dozen. (Don’t have a clue what the f**k I am talking about? Read up about those cheeky twelve fruit and vege that are notoriously coated in chemicals here).

So, if you live in London, this (or any of the other copious amounts of produce markets around) could be a great start to picking well treated and reared fruit, veg, meat and everything in between. If you don’t live in the home of jellied eels, Big Ben and platform 9 and 3/4 however, you could see if there’s a farmers market near you, or even try growing some of your own stuff*.

*The boy is trying to convince me that we can do this in window boxes hanging out of our small inner-city apartment. I have visions of rogue cherry tomatoes splatting on commuters as they hurry past. I’m letting it happen purely for that reason. Oh and the fresh veggies. Of course (cough).


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