Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes, just sometimes, you are watching something rather amazing unfolding in front of you?

Usually these feelings strike me when I step back and witness the boy cooking. His inhibitions fall by the wayside, and suddenly our small Hammersmith kitchen becomes a melting pot of deliciousness.

(I digress into my own head, and now need to go and get a snack.)

Over the last year, I have also had this feeling when watching a bunch of kiwis take on New Zealand’s health issues and ideas around wellbeing, and mould them into a community of supporters and success stories.

Rapid is a one-stop-shop for getting your health back on track. From detox programmes, to recipe ideas, to a rather gorgeous range of fitness gear, they have you covered. This small (but growing) team have inspired countless New Zealanders to transform themselves and their lives, and now, with the launch of their latest multifaceted platform Rapid Reset, it’s not just the Southern Hemisphere who can benefit from this intriguing and engaging approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is, simply, everybody.

I took it upon myself to have a chat with Jay (aka the top dog) and ask some questions, pick his brains, and find out what’s behind this new trending lifestyle, and what’s coming up for his fitness empire.


Rapid has become hugely popular in New Zealand (congrats), but what exactly inspired you to start down this health path?

There is a growing movement towards a holistic approach to healthy living. Yet, despite cafes, farmers markets and healthy-living magazines promoting clean eating and exercise, the vast majority of New Zealanders are still over weight. Because Rapid focuses on real food and is available on an easy-to-use technological medium (the internet) we feel we have the power to reach as many households as possible to spread our message.

Are you planning on expanding your fitness empire and offering programmes internationally (hint, hint… maybe in London)?

Our programs are already available worldwide, but we have recently developed an online platform to make tracking results and finding assistance easier, especially for people overseas. Reset is an innovative platform, so once inside if you have any queries about your results, you will be able ask within the forum or search for articles within our knowledge database.


Motivation (or lack of it) is one of the buzz words we hear a lot when it comes to skipping out on exercise, so how do you personally find the motivation to get out of bed and workout? 

I think motivation is perhaps the wrong word. You need to frame your goals or reasons for exercising differently. If you are only working out to lose weight, you will bore of it quickly. If you are embracing exercise as a way to clear your head, break up your day, set good examples for your family or work off some stress, then you will begin to place a different value on it. It becomes important and so you do it. 

Are there any quick tips you can give that help with motivational struggles?

Identify your triggers or barriers to success and try to eliminate them beforehand. If you know you don’t have the energy to exercise after a long day, and would rather sit on the couch, you will always struggle to find motivation to exercise then. Instead, commit to working out before work, get your clothes ready the night before and get a good nights sleep. If everything is ready and all you have to do is roll out of bed, your barriers to actually exercising are much lower. Then you can enjoy relaxing on the couch later that day knowing your workout is done. 

Same goes with nutrition, if you struggle with workplace morning teas, find an errand to run that gets you out of the office while it is happening. Go for a walk to post a letter and remove the temptation from sight. 

Do you think diet or exercise plays a more crucial role in our health (aka would you rather skip a workout or eat a cronut)?

Nutrition is obviously vital. You cannot out exercise consistent poor food choices. But, its not an either or situation. Exercise does more than simply tone your body. It can clear your head, rev up your metabolism and change your body composition even if your weight doesn’t shift.

Let’s put it this way, eventually eating salad and fish gets boring right? You want an arsenal of healthy living strategies to fall back on when you do give in to that cronut. 

Talking about food, I’ve noticed that your food programmes have similar ideas to Paleo, but aren’t quite the same. What are the differences between the Rapid and Primal diets?

Basically, primal eating is a brand of clean eating. It is a fantastic approach to ensuring your food is nutrient dense but it doesn’t place restrictions on trigger foods for people with long-term issues with weight. 

The Rapid way of eating limits carbs and ‘treat’ foods, -even healthy modifications of traditional treat foods – to help people reset their insulin sensitivity and sugar cravings. If you replace an addiction to white processed carbs with more complex carbs you still don’t address the metabolic disregulation – the cravings for carbs and sugar. 


And why do you think those differences are important?

People need to understand how food and emotionally eating are linked. You cannot do that when you are still riding the insulin rollercoaster. (You know the energy peaks followed by the 3pm slumps.)

There is a heap of conflicting information about how often people should train, what do you think is the magic number when it comes to weekly workouts?

This really depends on your goals, timeframe, intensity you want to train at how much you want results. Here at Rapid, we try to move our body everyday. Whether its yoga, a walk, gentle stretching or more intense weights or cardio sessions. If you incorporate training into 5 days out of 7, with concerted recovery strategies, you will make steps towards your fitness goals. Remember to include a variety of exercise times, and to vary your intensity.

So, you always seem to be growing, expanding and producing more and more exciting things every time I hit up Facebook, what’s next for Rapid?

We are still hard at work refining our new online platform. We want to make it the one-stop-shop for health to help as many people as possible. We would love to have a program for every body, lifestyle or stage of life. Rapid for families, pregnancy, Rapid on a budget… We are also working to integrate virtual training, personalized coaching and a physical clinic space for holistic treatments. We will never stop evolving to meet the growing need for human connectivity and collective wellness. 

If you want to learn even more about Rapid, or maybe even challenge yourself to one of their incredible programmes, head here.


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