The collab’ is to the last few years of fashion, what One Direction is to the tweens of 2013.

Big name designers, models and celebrates are putting their faces (and sometimes even a smidge of thought) into collections with high street brands. The infamous pairing of Topshop and Kate Moss even had the likes of cynical-old-me thinking of blowing a weeks worth of wages on a paisley scarf that the supermodel had (probably not) created. My ultimate style crush (that is, Miss Alexa Chung) recently got down and dirty with Nails Inc and created a nail polish – out of Kale. (It’s sort of like my fashion, make up and health foodie dreams come true… In plethora of somewhat sexy shades).

So who are the queens of the collabs this year (apart, of course, from the above mentioned celebs)? Who’s track suits should we be donning and who’s handbags should we be wish-listing online?


Rita meets Adidas

This combo makes complete sense to me. British pop royalty (Rita), has taken on sporty street wear mavens (Adidas) to create a collections inspired by “thrift shopping in London’s Portobello Road”.

The five story collection (Black, Pastel, Colour Block Pack, Spray and Roses), covers three seasons and boasts revealing workout wear, neon colours-ways, excess leather, and flower prints.


H&M meets Alexander

Mr Wang is making friends with bank balances around the world by combining with high street label H&M. His much anticipated sportswear inspired mens and womans wear range will hit H&M stores from November 6th, and the above sneak- peak has only just been released.

I’m not going to lie, the white bike shorts aren’t really my thing. Neither are the ‘Wang’ beanies. (Even though I know his name is Wang… do I really want that written on my head. No, no I don’t). What are your thoughts?


Ruby meets Gattobravo

I couldn’t write any form of fashion focused article without, of course, referencing my favourite designer – Ruby. This gorgeous Kiwi brand (that I miss almost more than my cat) is launching a rather dashing collab’ with illustrator Gattobravo.

Trying to ignore my obvious bias for this boutique brand, this combination is (in my opinion) the best of the lot. The originality of putting an illustrator, rather than a celeb, at the focus of your pieces keeps this handful of clothes distinctively Ruby, but still quirky and different. And the best bit? It will be online for your enjoyment as of Friday – so go forth and shop.


Cara meets Mulberry

Having been the face of this infamous luxury accessories brand for a while, it was inevitable that model-of-the-moment, Cara, was going to create a collection. The 18-piece “backpack meets high brow handbag” story was inspired by Cara’s school days.

Needless to say each piece is beautiful, incredibly crafted and jaw droopingly expensive.

So, are you going to bust the bank with a Mulberry or hit up Yoga in some of Ritas hot pants? Or, perhaps (if you win lotto), both?


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