Absolutely chock full of cute and quirky knitwear, Chinti and Parker are a London based luxury brand and are also the best place around to pick up soft, doughy cashmere sweaters, sleepwear that dreams are made of and all the stripes you could possibly need.



This Brit’ company was built around the age old story of a woman stealing her boyfriend’s shirt to sleep in. We’ve all done it, we’ve all not looked quite as sex-on-a-stick as we thought. So Desmond and Dempsey have taken this handsome classic, added finishing touches (think rolled cuffs, slip on shorts, monogram-able pockets etc) and tied it all together with brilliant original prints. This nightwear is like a big ball of comfort with a definite sexy allure.



As a typical millennial, it was the good-looking social presence of Olive that got me hook-line-and-sinker. But it’s not just their babe of an Insta’ feed that’s beautiful… with a wide range of clothing, accessories and lifestyle that spans from delicate sun dresses, denim dungarees and even a capsule menswear collection this boutique will have you drooling over your breakfast on your morning scroll session.



If you hail from Scandinavia, where & Other Stories originates, then you’ll definitely know this brand. It’s best known in Europe for its immaculate blend of on-trend details with classic chic cuts. Head here to stock up on the only silk shirt you could ever need (in any colour-way you can think of) and on-point accessories. It also has a renowned array of skincare and beauty products to boot.


Finishing on a feel-good note, Matt & Nat; The idea behind MAT(T)erial and NATure is (according to them) “exploring the synergy between the two, the reflection of one on the other”. However what it boils down to for me is stunningly simple yet gorgeous bags and ‘leather’ goods that are completely vegan but seriously don’t look it. And what can be wrong with that – literally nothing!

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