I recently talked about my love of food meets fashion combo. (If you haven’t read it, catch up on the ultimate foodie, fashion obsessed dream here). Love has stuck again, and this time in the form of something much healthier (but equally as cute).


Yup, I’m talking (of course) about pineapples. You followed me through my obsession with my Topshop pineapple jeans (ok, ok, it’s still going strong and I get really depressed when they have to go into the wash), now you will probably have to endure many more juicy purchases as, its official: I’m going bananas over pineapples.


Tropical prints, think your dads horrid Hawaiian shirts (except my dad, because he’s a bit too sartorial for that and would much rather wear orange shoes and a silk scarf that cost as much as my London rent) have been cropping up in summer collections for a few years now. Each time the weather heats up (or, more recently, goes completely heatwave bonkers), there is a slight twist on this classic.

Last season we were donning multicoloured parrots prints, before that we were looking lovely in palms, but this season is all about fruit!


To be honest, it’s whatever you like (watermelons, cherries, bananas or maybe even some citrus), basically anything you would find on Carmen Miranda’s head, you will also find splashed all over Topshop.

My pick is pineapples.


I’m even thinking of extending my new found fetish into homewares. So my pants can match my couch – the height of fashion.

Pinapple6 Pinapple7

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