I’m reading a book on happiness at the moment. It’s a hugely broad subject but has led me (so far) to a simple and small conclusion.

As callous and materialistic as it sounds, I like things. Preferably all of them. Specifically these things…


The Texture Coat.

It’s getting cold up in here London. And this pretending-to-be-British-but-spent-all-her-life-in-the-southern-hemisphere girl is not well prepared. It’s barely scratched the surface of Autumn and I’m having to dig deep into my warmest supplies. Soon I am going to have to play with the big kids and buy a real coat. And when I do, it will look like this one.

Karen Millen, £350


A (well this) Fedora.

I don’t care if I would look like Carmen Sandiego (I would), or if this number would be out of fashion faster than the boater I bought a couple of summers ago (it would)… these Fedora are freakin’ gorgeous. And, if all else fails and I look even more of a twat than imagined, I have a ready-made detective costume for halloween.

Jaeger, £65


Madewell Knitwear.

When I lived on the other side of the world, nothing was ever shipped to us. When you searched (in vain) under the shipping information of your fave brands to see if you could spot ‘New Zealand’, it was like you could actually hear the retailers laughing at you. But, now I’m in the UK, well I guess I just kind of thought everyone sent to London. If you don’t ship to London how does your company even SURVIVE?! Well, it seems that Madewell survive just fine thank you very much. I on the other hand may not make it through winter without one of these damn fine sweaters.

All Madewell, $110, $98 and $138 (USD)


Not That Kind Of Girl.

Probably the biggest fashion accessory right now is to be seen devouring this book. The debut novel by Girls writer and star Lena Dunham is like a modern day feminist handbook meets the Karma Sutra, from the perspective of an overachieving twenty-something intellectual. (Aka, who wouldn’t want to read that?). Pair this bad boy with your best ‘I’m far to busy for eye contact’ London underground attitude.

Amazon, £8.50


A Cat Dress.

Ignore everything I just said about how cold it is here. It’s irrelevant. This is a dress by kiwi fashion icon Karen Walker, and it has a cat on it. ‘Nuff said.

Karen Walker, $185 (NZD)

SIDE NOTE That cat, the one hiding behind some sort of shrub…. it’s peering at me…. and those eyes are saying… “Cold, ha, harden up woman. We don’t feel the cold IN FASHION.”

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  1. livvy30
    October 13, 2014 at 5:26 pm (3 years ago)

    I came to the same conclusion earlier this year. I was going to change my job (for a lower paid one), but I like things too much!


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