Running is for me. I know that sounds odd. It feels odd to write it. (It reminds me of all those people who torture themselves at restaurants pushing around a side salad and say “oh it’s fine i’m just not hungry” but their eyes are screaming “GIVE. ME. A. BURGER”.) But its true.

Most things that have found me in life have been through other people. Whether it is my career path (a Graphic Designer – much like my mother), my passion for food (fostered greatly by my husband) or my deep seeded love for all-succulent-everything (introduced to me by my flatmate).

Running however is all mine. Nobody around me does it. Nobody finds the same thrill in beating a personal best, manically tracks thier pace splits or has an iCal full of race days. In fact, barely anyone even knows. My twice weekly runs go by under the raider.

When a big event comes by, the boy will take his phone and snap an obligatory shot or two for my parents (often waiting on the other side of the world for the ‘she finished’ text) but neither really care what my time was, my average heart rate or even if I hit my goal.


So, running is for me. Sometimes it’s sucky and it’s hard and I can’t do it. And sometimes it’s perfect and meditative and a complete escape. But every single time it is for me. Quite frankly, nobody else gives a crap if I run or not – and that makes it amazing. It makes it my space. My choice to hop, skip, jump, sprint, jog or dance. It feels like I’ve got a secret (granted, one that over 2 million people in the UK alone are in on), and none of my friends or family can understand why I do it – but I know why. Because for every time it is the aforementioned ‘sucky’ it’s definitely been ‘perfect and meditative and a complete escape’ two times over.

And next Sunday (that’s the 10th of July) when I take on one of the most iconic London running routes (think; gawping at Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey as I plod by) will be no different. If you want to say hi to me (except not actually because I am a horridly anti social runner and will not be removing my headphones), and know more about this rad event then head over to here to read all about it.


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