I read a lot of blogs.

And I mean a lot.

I definitely have a weird addiction to learning about how best to strain your homemade almond milk, because every evening (whilst simultaneously stuffing my face and watching Netflix), I have a constant rotation of health blogs refreshing on my laptop. No wonder I struggle to relax and actually switch off of an evening, because I’m always trying to squeeze that last little drop of information from the internet before I switch off, give up and realize that simply reading about gluten free, dairy free, sugar free pancakes isn’t going to make them appear at me feet. (Damn.)

However, what all this research has done is given me a pretty solid foundation of incredible resources. So, without further ado… here are my top 5 health and wellbeing blogs (for you to obviously go and read right now).

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1 Deliciously Ella
I love this girl. And yes, I do mean in a stalker, fan girl, ogle over her Instagram sort of way. Ella Woodward is an inspiring young blogger who has rather recently shot to fame (in every sense of the word) with her super simple and always delicious (rather obviously) recipes. Everything this girl makes is uber healthy and insanely moreish. Plus, her blog is also full of beauty tricks and lifestyle hacks to living as ‘clean’ as pos.


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2 Get The Gloss
This online magazine is one of my most visited websites. I love it. It ticks all the boxes, with workout guides, wellness motivation and even up-to-the-minute videos with all my fave’ nutritionists. I can also vouch for the 12 Week Bikini Bod’ Guide, that I am currently 4 weeks through… stop what you are doing this moment and give them a read.


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3 Petite Kitchen
Eleanor from Petite Kitchen was my first ever inspiration for following down a more wholesome path. She is a kiwi girl who found her love of making nourishing food through trying to help her sick daughter (sob story alert). The pages of her blog are filled with beautiful, simple and achievable recipes that always warrant tasty results. Following the success of her blog, Eleanor has also released a cookbook and opened a café in Auckland. (Which I simply cannot wait to try).


5Bloggers8 5Bloggers9
4 The Chalkboard Mag
This website is like the American cousin of the Get The Gloss. It’s a little bit more hippy and much harder to navigate around, but still a fantastic resource for all things health and wellbeing. Think; ‘Top for a Positive Attitude’ meets ‘Superfood Spotlight: Activated Charcoal’ with a side of shopping for your latest patterned leggings. So basically everything a fitness freak could want.


5Bloggers10 5Bloggers11

5 Health Yeah
Much like Petite Kitchen, this little website is a goldmine of delicate little recipes. Also like Petite Kitchen, it is a New Zealand blog… and Hannah (the lady behind it) has opened a café to sell her rustic seed loaf, vegan tasting boards and raw fudge. Funnily enough, she opened it with Petite Kitchen (forming the ultimate New Zealand foodie power couple).

So those are my check-every-morning-to-delay-getting-out-of-bed rotation, who are your favourite?

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