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You know when the cronut came out and suddenly everyone was all “how have we not done this before”? And then we tried it, and realised the reason this combo hadn’t been attempted in a past life was because it simultaneously made our teeth fall out, and our hearts stop with a rush of sugar to our brains so quick that no human could actually eat it in one sitting without the aid of open heart surgery.

Well, my latest fashion crush is like this. Except without the coronary disease. Simply with a heart-stoppingly beautiful outcome that nobody could possibly stop consuming.

So really my metaphor was shit. But hey, it meant I go to put a damn gorgeous photo of a pastry on this post that’s so tasty looking you’re probably still licking your screens.

Well, if you could stop for a mere moment then that would be fabulous, because I have a new just-as-lickable few shots for you:

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This new London label, Finery, aims to bridge the gap between your favourite high street hits and the more exclusive designers. Founder Nickyl Raithatha pitches it for “women who had grown out of the high street and were looking for a considered outfit with a focus on quality, but without that significant jump in price we’ve been seeing in mid-market brands.”

And, much like those sweet treats still lingering in your mind from earlier, this little brand is made up of some damn enticing ingredients.

First up is Caren Downie, who was previously the Fashion Director of the infamous ASOS and is now Finery’s Brand Director. Then there’s Emma Farrow, who left her covetable job as Design Director at Topshop, to be Finery’s Head of Design. And finally, you’ve got Rachel Morgan, who left ASOS (again – these guys must be seriously suffering) where she was Womenswear Buyer, to be Finery’s Head of Buying.

Rachel describes her new brand as “very edited, every piece has a reason to be there. We’re all so used to doing “More More More” so it’s quite refreshing.” Caren calls it “slightly more quirky, feminine and conscious of flattering more figures”.

We say Finery is a brilliant recipe for love. Or credit card debt.

Probably both.


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