I don’t know if you’ve picked up from this blog, but I’m not very good at narrowing my passions down. Instead of devoting myself to one thing (like food), I have thrown my hands in the air and declared my love for not only cooking (well, eating) but also for keeping myself in tip-top shape (well, trying) and lusting over ludicrous amounts of clothes (that one is fairly accurate). Usually all whilst moping around on a caffeine fuelled Monday morning.

It is not uncommon for these passions to spill over into each other from time to time. When the Net-A-Porters of the world introduce fitness attire into the realm of fashion elite, or when my culinary choices also benefit my ability to run a little further.

The two f words that don’t often combine, are the “foods” and the “fashions”.

I guess the idea that a world over saturated with size triple zero (yes, thats a real thing now) could also house a Quadruple Bypass Burger (also a real, 9982 calorie, thing). But, here in perfect harmony I present to you my latest Monday morning ‘wish list’ addition (and distraction from the fact that it is once again the start of the week and no I did not catch up on housework, blog posts, emails or runs this weekend)…


For £12.99 you can opt for a burger, ice cream or doughnut clutch from New Look this summer, (or just grab all three – duh). This is a follow up to the hugely popular fruit-shaped bags that are in store now (think lemons, watermelons and oranges – yum).

I can’t quite decide if I want to eat these babies, or carry my phone in them.

Life is just so full of unanswerable questions.

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