It’s not often in life that lessons are learnt from Legally Blonde (maybe it should be), but I’ve got to give it to her, Elle Woods had it bang on when she said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”.

Endorphins are addictive, and amazing. (And may have even saved a husband or two). I’ve had struggles with my knee recently, suffering from a strained ligament has rendered me unable to run*.

**Sad face**

Luckily, last week, the doctor said I was finally able to take my first baby steps back to my all-time favourite heart pumping workout.

So, this bleary monday morning, the only possible way I’m going to fight off those crap-it’s-the-end-of-another-weekend-and-I-still-haven’t-done-laundry blues, is with a super sweaty run date.


I feel a bit like I’m starting from scratch, because holiday + injury = over 3 months off running (and a lot of lost fitness). I’m completely back to square one when it comes to distance (read; dead after 100 metres), but with hopes of completing another half marathon this year, it’s high time I began to train properly.

If you too are just starting out on a marathon (well, half) dream, or want to get back into running after a hiatus like me or hell, if you just like a challenge… Why not download my new Half Marathon Training Guide. It will take you through 16 weeks of endorphin boosting runs. From your first steps straight through to that 21.1k goal.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell me how you are finding it, or Instagram those sweaty pictures to make everyone on your feed feel SUPER guilty that they aren’t quite as awesome as you (and #ffftraining).

*Also rendering me a horrifically grumpy cow who, according to a peroxided law student, shouldn’t be wielding a gun.


PS When reading this guide you will notice, as well as distances, days are marked with either ST, SS or Rest. This is what my crypticc code means:

ST This indicates a stretch out. When you’re building up distances and pushing yourself it’s important to take time out of training to stretch those weary muscles. It’s the kind of thing your mum tells you to do, but (just like how you will get cold if you refuse to wear your coat properly even though wearing it like a superman cape is so much better), you’re a lot more likely to injure yourself if you don’t stretch.

SS This is where I recommend you would do your usual gym workout. Running can take a lot out of you, but having strength all round will help you in the long run (literally). So, whether your into Crossfit, swimming or Zumba, this is when you should slot that in.

Rest  Ah, this one is pretty self explanatory really. When training I personally still like to do things on rest days, but I keep it to a simple walk or a slow yoga class. If you would rather sit on the couch and watch Jeremy Kyle then that works to – it’s your rest day.

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