This week I ‘m lusting over pretty much anything from the latest collection of New Zealand designed handbags –  Saben. I’ve had a bit of a thing for Roanne Jacobson’s bags for a while now, and this coming season it has just gone nuts (my obsession that is). From glittery totes, to animal prints, to gorgeous classics, this woman has nailed it all – again. I myself am kinda pissed – how is a girl like me meant to pick between ANY of these bags? And in the more likely event that I love them all equally (like I would my children), how am I meant to sneak them into my house without the boy seeing me and questioning my superfluous spending on bags?

All of these amazing treats start to come into stores and online next month, so keep your eyes peeled and your credit cards at the ready!


Nb I don’t think there is such a thing as superfluous spending on bags, or shoes, or clothes (or really anything at all) – but the boy tends to disagree when I give him puppy dog eyes at the supermarket check out when I can’t afford my tea bags or carrots because I just had to have [insert new item here].

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