You know that image you have of yourself in your head? The one that never gets a pimple, is always on time and who’s hair magically looks gorgeously (but somehow effortlessly) disheveled? Yea, well in my head, I’m also wearing head-to-toe Claudie Pierlot’s.

On a recent trip to Harvey Nichols I stumbled across this Parisian designer and felt like I’d found a little square of over-priced heaven, made just for me. The play of cute crops and tough detailing, along with freshly reinvented classics had my heart all of a flutter.

The summer collection, now in store and online, has hits of varsity chic that downplay the pretty peter pan collars and sit starkly against the metallic undertones. There are super high crops, pin thin stripes and peek-a-boo cut outs for those who like their fashion fixes in straight-off-the-catwalk style. Or, for the more subdued and traditional among us, there are well tailored leather jackets, crisp white shirts and a plethora of nude tones to get completely lost in.


The lookbook makes me want to bleach my hair, darken my eyebrows and rock a bandana.

Upon even more research, I found that Claudie’s past collections may, in fact, be even better. I’m wetting myself (not literally – thank god) in anticipation for a winter of perfect pea coats, dreamy cable knits, textured cigarette pants and bold print shirts.


Some of the more twee pieces I could take or leave, too many bows makes even the vertically able (that is, the opposite to the the vertically challenged – aka me) among us look a bit too Lolita for my liking. But anyone who marries harsh gold metallics, navy stripes, studs and soft sheer layering into one, cohesive, collection (finished off with a chelsea boot) is doing fine by me. More than fine. Flipping fantastic.

Now to complete my fantasy french look all I need is a bike (avec whicker basket), a paleo-fide croissant in hand, and large fist fulls of cash (to actually afford a CP wardrobe).

Or a Harvey Nichols sale.



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