Hidden away down the pastel coloured streets of Notting Hill, a stones throw from the bustling and infamous Portobello Markets, is this tranquil health mecca. Nama.

The boy and I stopped by this unassuming, raw food cafe for lunch (and a cuppa, of course) one sunny Saturday afternoon, and I am so glad we did.

It was quiet and seemingly deserted, but once inside we were rewarded with the full attention of our waiter who was more than happy (even kind of excited) to tell us all about the menu (in great detail), what her favourite bites were (zucchini pasta) and even got out the Almond Milk they use in there coffees so I could inspect the ingredients (yup, I am a freak and I will read every ingredients list possible). The menu boasted so many incredible sounding dishes like lasagne verdure, pancakes with ice cream and a sushi platter. Behind us was also a great little cabin ate bustling with slices, cakes and freshly made juices to choose from.


In the end, the boy picked the thai coconut curry (with kohirabi raw rice) and I went for the Nama take on a caesar salad – with a flat white featuring (well researched) almond milk.

I can’t say enough how incredible the food was. It was one of the tastiest salads I have ever eaten – ever! (And that is coming from a lady who eats a hell of a lot of salads). It was beautifully presented, came out super quickly and left me with that amazing combo of feeling both super satisfied, full and a little bit smug about how awesomely healthy I was. (Ok, a lot smug).

So, if you are in London and on the hunt for a lovely little lunch spot then Nama is your answer. Although, its not completely guilt free… your conscious will be niggling after you part with enough money to feed a family of six for a couple of mains.

But it’s all in the name of good health right? Right. Pass the cheesecake.


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