I have been back at school now for a month (and yes I have colour coded notes). Part-time, between work, marathon training, Gymbox attending, skype dates and ripping my hair out, I get lost in the completely incredible world of nutritional science.

If I had to boil my many hours of learning about Essential Fatty Acids, complete proteins and even a bit of LDL (that’s Low-density lipoprotein for all you food geeks) down to one nugget of pure nutrition goodness, it would be this…

Eat More Leafy Greens

How ever much you are eating. Double it. Triple it – and then quadruple that.



I could bore you with the absolute plethora of amazingness they have in them from vitamins A, E, K and pretty much all the Bs, to copious amounts of minerals (chloride, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc). But all you really need to know is that your daily dose of kale blows any notion that acai berries are a superfood out of the water. These are the real the heroes of our diet. (And you can pick them up at Sainsbury’s).

They do wonders to your skins (think; glowing, youthful and pimple free), they can help keep your immune system in check (think; perfect armour against the dreaded office cold) and even relax you (think; serious stress buster).


Whether you choose to blend collard greens into morning smoothies, serve yourself an extra portion of broccoli with roast dinner, or even inject spinach straight into your eyeballs. I don’t care – just do it.

Side note I have been on a bit of a green smoothie kick recently. Partially because I recently purchased a nifty blender. Partially because it’s all the rage and I am a sheep. But, mostly because the idea of getting up early to make breakfast when I could just throw things in the general vicinity of some kitchen equipment (and BAM – breakfast) is just unpleasant. After a few weeks of upping my leaf intake I have noticed more energy (which I am sure has nothing to do with my also increased caffeine in take) and my skin is really, really good (not to boast or anything).


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