It turns out this is going to be something bonkers like the hottest summer on record here in the UK, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. But also, a little disappointed. (Sorry guys).

You see, I didn’t pack for this balmy heat wave. I chucked out all my Southern hemisphere appropriate clothes and diligently sent over my heavy duty coats and thigh-high boots. My sole surviving pair of shorts is getting a complete thrashing and don’t even get my started on all the great tees some super lucky backpackers in India scored before our last hop to London. I mean, I knew it was going to be summer here…. but come on guys – there are warm weather warning signs all over the tubes!

Luckily for me, and for anyone really, one of our all time fave supermodels, Victoria Secret ambassador and a generally awesome down to earth gal*, Karlie Kloss has teamed up with Warby Parker to launch a rather gorgeous selection of sunnies that should see us through this incredibly difficult time.

The lightweight Japanese titanium frames will set you back $145US each ($195 for prescription), and were a collaboration (obviously) between fashion heavy weight Karlie and US eyewear designers Warby Parker. The shades were created to be “fresh and flattering sunglasses that are lively and graceful—with a nice helping of personality”.

But what it all boils down to is that these shades look cool. And, although nobody can look quite as cool as Karlie in anything (ever), the 70s inspired shapes with classic metallic detailing could effortlessly suit almost anybody, and means we can all get pretty darn close! Oh and while we are looking so cool, we are also helping out the kiddies, because sales from the sunglasses benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to healthier eating in low-income schools (serious karma bonus).

My faves are the Marple, which would you choose of these three styles?

Klara2 Klara3 Klara4

*Did you know she is also taking classes at Harvard AND has whipped up a brand of gluten free cookies (aka Karlies Kookies) that are stocked in Momofuku, NYC? Can this girl please stop making the rest of us look bad.

Or, if these sunnies don’t tickle your fancy, how about heading over to the Fashion Fitness Food Giveaway? You could score yourself some Vans Sunnies. Just like us on FB, comment on the post and share it.

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