I’ve been really getting into my yoga recently. To be honest, I’m surprised it has taken me so damn long to ‘find my inner yogi’. I know I come across like the sort of gal who spends a lot of time on the mat – but I never really have. I used to find my horrific un-flexibility and terrible attention span a real drag in yoga classes… so often skipped them for more upbeat options like spin or boxing.

But right now I’m just loving the sumptuous stretching and meditative focus that a yoga brings. It’s the perfect balance to my long marathon training runs and lunchtime HIIT sessions. (And my recent focus on trying to find more space and slow down my manic life.)

However, what I still don’t like about yoga? It can often feel a bit too hippy-dippy. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love a bit of zen, but group chanting and continuous reference to ones ‘third eye’ can feel a bit overkill to me. Which is why this t-shirt has climbed straight to the top of my hit list right now. It’s a bit of yoga, with a lot of sass’ which, in my opinion, is the best combo.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, and hell – let’s not kid ourselves that the best bit about yoga (or life really) is when we all get to lie down and zone out.


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