You regular readers may know that I’ve got a rather long-standing love affair with my Sketchers GOruns. They are (to me) the most perfect of all the nifty running shoes on the market, and they have guided me from my starting 2k to my now 16k runs. Which is why I was very hesitant when some rather gorgeous, but not Sketchers GOruns, arrived for me try.


Reluctantly I caved to the idea of ditching my trusty (and a little worn) trainers for a go with the aptly named Adidas Boosts.

I’m a little like a child (or maybe a fish), bright and shiny things attract me. They catch my eye. Make me lose my concentration. If I’m out, and spy some bright and blingy things, I WILL walk straight into the nearest lamppost. (And yes, when I do so my friends pretend they don’t know me). So these Adidas Boosts were off to a good start. I fantasized that the bold pink finish on these babies may even distract me from the hard bits of running, “damn a hill…oh pink…argh it’s rainin…ooohh pink”.

Yes, my mind works like that. Don’t pretend yours doesn’t. We are all fish/children at heart.

Anyway, back to the shoes!


As much as I kind of wanted them to be terrible, so my one true love running shoe could be back in prime spot, the Adidas Boosts were really good. They quite literally boosted my run. The first time I tried them my best 5k time of 29 minutes 59 seconds was slashed to 27 minutes 39 seconds!! That is a serious cut (especially for a slow coach runner like me).

The downside? The sizing on these shoes is a little funny and I think (despite actually getting my usually size) they were a bit big. Oddly this hasn’t seemed to have effected my run badly at all, so maybe the slightly flipper-ish length of the shoes was intentional. In an odd way I felt like I bounced a long.

All in all I’m going to keep both my new shiny pink and my old favourite runner on board and mix them up between short and long runs. I can’t seem to distinguish which is better, they both have their ups and down.

Until I can pick a clear winner I’m doing away with my monogamous runs, and I am keeping them both on hand. For a good pound (of the pavement).

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  1. playfulpups
    September 4, 2013 at 12:28 am (4 years ago)

    Awesome shoes! I love bright things too 😉


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