Every season, scratch that, every minute I fall in love with a fashion trend, and it’s usually one that would have those around me in stitched over how ridiculous I look. At the moment, that love is for leather track pants. I think the oxymoron of creating something so usually associated with hangover Sundays out of buttery-soft luxury leather is perfect. The gorgeous contrast of an oversized fit and elasticated waste band paired with pin-thin stilettos makes me all gooey and warm.

trackpantsphoto from carolinesmode.com

Alas, I need to end my love affair. Not only do I simply know that the folds of fabric that look amazing on catwalk models would drown me (and my small stature) out. I also know that although there are some damn good rip offs (see below), my heart is with the real deal and if I could coddle myself in the actual leather I wouldn’t be happy (aka high maintenance) – and I don’t have the budget for that.


So I will just have to be content with Google image search and a Pintrest album devoted to my love. Very much like my endless bookmarks of Ryan Gosling memes.

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