Every (fashion) season in New Zealand I would get upset and frustrated that I spent my time lost in European or American collections, whilst facing a completely different season.

Well ladies and gents, the grass is always greener right? Right. Because now I am doing the same thing here.

I always had firm favourites in the New Zealand fashion scene. Ruby (obviously). Good old Karen Walker, and the ever growing (and evolving) Juliette Hogan.

Poor Juliette sort of fell off my raider after I left. But recently I stumbled upon her website again, and now she is firmly back on it. My rainy bank holiday weekend has been spent imagining how exactly I could fit a full length, raw silk, blush, skirt into my life*.

Juliette2 Juliette3

Hogan’s latest summer collection; New Day, has already started filtering into stores and online, and if you do read this from Auckland, and fancy being a completely amazing person, how about posting me one of those rather fetching tweed jackets? Or perhaps a leather pencil skirt? Or maybe even a pair of floral shorts?

Or really anything from this wonderfully paired back, put together and devilishly simple (yet also somehow wildly exciting too) collection. This young kiwi designer seems to have grown up in the fashion world along side me. (Kind of like how Harry Potter was in the same school year as me seemingly every time I read the books). Together, Juliette and I have reached a point in our style-age that calls for every tone of neutral imaginable, multiple blazers and the perfect amount of oversized.

So, I shall wait with baited breath for your New Zealand care package, yeah?




*And the answer is obviously: with complete ease. Because I simply cannot think of a situation where this would not be appropriate. (My morning commute? How about that much fabric for making sure I get enough personal space on the central line.)

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