The little patch of green near my apartment is awash with daffodils fighting there way through mud. I haven’t worn my beanie in a almost a week. And, this morning saw a frantic hunt for my sunnies before leaving for work. This clearly means that Summer is on the way to London.


One thing that winter stole from me, (apart from my bangin’ bod’ and the ability to feel my toes, obviously) was running. I know that there are those crazy, hard core, fans of the sport who will don 29 layers of snow proof lycra to keep up with training during the cooler months… But I am not one of them. I love running. I love the way it makes me feel, and the way you can measure your improvements (and celebrate great runs with cake). But I don’t love it enough to get out of bed when it’s pitch black and pissing down with rain. No way. I have missed it though. So, to celebrate springs sudden arrival I’ve signed up for my first race of the season.

This Summer, London will be one of twenty cities (from Berlin to Taipei) to host a race as part of the Nike Women’s Race Series – and, much like me, you can check out if your country is going to be a part of it and enter now (here).


For the Brits reading this, on the 21st June, Nike, myself and a whole pile more will get together in London’s Victoria Park to carve up the pavement in their first, fastest or just plain fun 10k.

If you want to join me on the day, you’ll be motivated by a course filled with music, lights and even some celeb’ spotting (in the form of running fan and Nike favourite Ellie Goulding). When you do cross the line, you’ll also nab yourself a bespoke Alex Monroe necklace (designed exclusively for the race) and a sweet spot at the festival-style afterparty.

The return of your bangin’ bod’ is just an added bonus.


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