We have been hearing a lot about my good friend Cara recently (cough cough, I wish). Turns out she, like most people, gets tired and sometimes needs a sleep. I’m pretty sure if I was an international model (again with the wishing) I would find the 12 countries in 10 days thing pretty gruelling too. Can someone cut this kid some slack?

Along with her newsworthy nap times, Cara has also made headlines because of her upcoming campaign with Topshop.

Yup, you heard me, the coolest girl in fashion is going to be the first ever face of the coolest high street brand in fashion. This can only be great right? Right.


Having walked for Topshop for the last few years, often been snapped in the chain store giants wares, and even commenting in a recent interview on her love of the brand since way back (turns out teen Cara used to spend her “pocket money” there), this British supermodel looks set to be their biggest brand ambassador yet.

Now, heres hoping that after being splashed all over Topshop Autumn/Winter ’14 billboards, someone in head office can get that girl on the other side of the camera and create a collection.

Because I would buy that*. Hell, EVERYONE wants that. (Yes you do).

*To be honest I would buy most things from Topshop, but thats beside the point.


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