Maybe it’s because I’ve signed up to a kick ass new gym (finally), or maybe it’s because London is full of people continuously in commute (and we all know the key to surviving the perils of the London underground at 8:30am is not wearing anything that would be ruined when rubbed up against a sweaty businessman), but I have noticed a lot of trainers around. Like a hell of a lot.

And I want in.


I am a firm supporter of pretty much any trend that is both good looking and comfortable (and sort of makes you feel like you are doing a workout, when actually you are just meandering).

The key with this trend is to dress it up – but not too much. Pair with cigarette trousers, collared shirts and oversized trench coats. Or finish your look with luxe accessories (or at least luxe-looking), like costume jewellery.

Nikes3 Nikes2 Nikes6

My number one rule for wearing your runners outside of your workout would be; skip the socks. Showing a bit of skin (even just a slither) will help separate your street-wear Nikes from your Asics.


NB There is a fine line between looking like you have stepped out of a street style blog and wearing your sneakers with a skirt suit. Pick shoes that have low, flat soles and an emphasis on ascetic rather than the ones you wore in your high school cross training race. And don’t wear them with tights. Ever.

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