I always wait with baited breath for good old Karen’s collections to come around. I’m not always heading for the credit card, or creating excel spread sheet budgets on how to both afford food and clothes (yes that is a real thing that I may or may not have done multiple times in the past) but I almost always find something to lust over. She is a fabulous kiwi designer and although I still wish that she would make her first collection shows a New Zealand affair (rather than a New York one) I grow more and more in love with her boxy, bold and crisp design aesthetic each season.

I think Karen Walker usually creates amazing prints and always produces them in gorgeous sweats or tees that are an easy way of getting a designer hit without selling your life on Ebay.

My lust for her latest resort collection has to be the amazing denim dress. With a dungaree feel, billowy skirt (the kind that would totally show your knickers if you twirled) and pockets, I think this is the ultimate dress for summer.

Now, where did I save that that spread sheet….

KarenWalker4 KarenWalker5 KarenWalker3 KarenWalker2

For the full collection go here.

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