One of the things that keeps me up at night is, with all the emphasis we, as a culture, are putting on ethically conscious food that comes from sustainable and organic sources, what about the rest of the things we purchase? (That and how to get around the non-fodmap rating of a cashew.)

I mean, it’s all well and good to kick up a stink about using your own eco-friendly canvas bags at Tesco (the one with the empowering affirmation on it – obvs)… but isn’t it a bit hypocritical to do so whilst wearing a pair of jeans that takes 900 gallons of water to make?

Yes. Yes it sort of really is.

But, much like not wanting to live solely off locally produced kale, I don’t want my wardrobe to become an uninspiring abyss of vegan lace ups and cheese cloth bandanas. I still want to be myself. I want to wear clothes that both look fantastic and are fantastic for the environment.

Enter The-Acey. (Aka my new favorite spot for a little late night shopping on the couch, in my undies, with my good friend Googlebox.)


The-Acey is a gorgeous new online store (and rather smashing accompanying blog), where the eco among us can buy consciously created clothing en-masse. The brands stocked are more than just enviromentally friendly, they’re clever, aware of each and every element of their business and are continuously striving for new ways to improve and develop whether it’s new fabrics or local factories.

“Where can I buy responsibly made clothing without sacrificing style? Whilst working at TOMS I was repeatedly asked this question and could never answer it. So for me it just made sense to create a platform for all these amazing brands that are pioneering a new way of doing business better.” 
– Holly Allenby founder of THE-ACEY.COM

Currently this little space on the internet is quite small. Small, but perfectly formed. I really hope that it grows, because the importance of having a carefully curated range of fashion forward options for those of us trying to do the right thing is utterly imperative.


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