I’m unashamed about my love of high street brands. The truth is, a fucking gorgeous Victoria Beckham dress, or Celine bag can be as beautiful as it likes, but if my pay cheque can’t support it (along with also feeding me, and keeping me in my worry addiction of glossy mags) then it won’t be coming near my wardrobe.

High street fashion enter stage left.

My fascination with quick style fixes has only grown stronger since hitting English shores. Despite missing some of the backbone of my previous wardrobe (I’m looking at you Ruby and Glassons), these four are my new fall backs – guaranteed* to fill your closet with sleek and stylish wares with no starvation-inducing prices.



This London based label was complete love at first sight. Re-invented in 2008, Whistles has since gone from straight to strength with its luxe, laid-back appeal. Filled with sleek leather accessories, intricate prints and perfectly oversized classic tailoring, this brand is your workwear one stop shop. Earlier this year Whistles also launched a (much anticipated) menswear collection too. So the men in your life can look damn good too. Bonus.




Under the safety net of the H&M group, this online-only brand has set a name for itself in being fun, contemporary and classic all at once (not an easy feet). Along side their continues street of co-labs and constantly cool jewellery line, they also make killer beauty staples too. A real all rounder!




Coming from little ol’ NZ, it has taken a lot of strength for me to disassociate this brand with a bargain basement store filled with tacky plastic and nasty fake chocolate (for non-kiwi’s, this is the southern hemispheres’ Warehouse). But ,UK based Warehouse, is anything but tacky. Having stepped up it’s game immensely for AW14, they have also launched a new, rather awesome, blog; entitled ‘Tales of the City’ it’s created through partnerships with contributors from a wide creative community (think; a talent pool of weekly collaborators including photographers, stylists, illustrators, musicians, bloggers and editors all keen to share their vantage point on city life). This high street find has become my online go-to for style inspiration.




Could I have an ‘affordable fashion’ list without these guys on it? No, not I could not. We all know that whether it’s a quick fix for your work do’ (hello sequin jumpsuit), or a pair of pjs to make the cold winter nights all ok again (I’m talking about these – obvs) this infamous brand will sort you out, and even deliver to your door in no time at all.

So, that is my masterful mix of new fashion crushes and old faithful loves. How you’ve managed to get to the end of this article without shopping is beyond me.

Go forth and spend.



*This is in no way actually guaranteed.


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