There’s a lot of information out there isn’t there? The internet is full to burst with advice on how to be the healthiest and happiest ‘you’ possible. I know, because I’ve clocked up a mind blowing number of hours scrolling through most of it.

Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t advice backed by science (well actually it probably is, but none that I’ve personally researched), but by personal experience. The blogosphere is chocker-block with ‘experts’, and that’s not something I claim to be (expect on past seasons of Great British Bake Off, or where to pick up the best matcha latte in town – then I’m your girl). But I am a bonafide guinea-pig, I’ve put myself through rigorous health-fad testing. Gluten free? Tried it! Meditation? On it. Oil pulling? Done and definitely ditched (gross). What with all the tried-and-tested experience I reckon I can boil it down to five really simple things you can do right now to make you happier (and in turn healthier) no matter who you are.


1 Take a deep breath.

I like meditating, but it’s not everyones bag. However, the thing I like most about meditating is the focus on breathing – and everyone can do that right? It’s such a simple thing, but taking a deep breath (or more than one really…. aiming for ten is good) can make a world of difference. It can calm you down when deadlines hit, snap you out of a groggy state in the morning, help you recover from an gruesome exercise session and a million and one more things. It’s also super easy to do. Go on, give it a go!


2 Get outside (and keep your fingers crossed for the sun).

Sun is proven to make us happier and healthier through vitamin D exposure, but just getting outside has the far less scientific result of ‘cleaning out the cob webs’. I try and get outside every single day, no matter the weather. Preferably for at least an hour, but if I can’t, then even just walking around the block can get the blood flowing, heart rate up and mood seriously improved.


3 Think up three positives about your life/day/general existence.

Our lives are in constant comparison. I know I’m not alone in my (rather crap) habit of opening Insta’ and starting the “oh woe is me, why is my life not like [insert latest yoga pose/food fad/fashion blogger here]” so to combat all that negative, how about taking a moment to think of three great things happening to you right now? It could be that you’re having a seriously good hair day, or you just finished a tricky work project, or maybe you’re lunch is on point – it doesn’t matter how big or small your gratitude, just think it – and realise that your life is pretty damn good too.


4 Crank some beats.

I mean who doesn’t like a boogie or a sing along? One of my guilty pleasures after a full-on day is to dance to ‘Shake It Off ‘by Taylor Swift. I get my hubby and flatmate on board too, and for those 3 minutes and 39 seconds we have a little three person dance party to literally shake off all our woes. It sure as hell makes me way happier.


5 Just get moving.

And on all that ‘shaking’ note, getting up and moving around will always help in all situations (except maybe when getting acupuncture or something). It can definitely be the hardest thing to do sometimes, but I know that when times get tough I am guaranteed to feel better if I pull on my runners and head out for a run. But it doesn’t have to be conquering a marathon, just doing a few sun salutes at home is enough to get those endorphins flowing.

And, I’m just going to throw this last one out there for good luck (think of it as a freebie) – when all else fails, simply smile.

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