• FeatureSavasana


    I’ve been really getting into my yoga recently. To be honest, I’m surprised it has taken me so damn long to ‘find my inner yogi’. I know I come across like the sort of gal who spends a lot of time on the mat – but I never really have. I used to find my […] Read more…

  • Feature5shops

    Our top 5 Online Shopping addictions.

    Absolutely chock full of cute and quirky knitwear, Chinti and Parker are a London based luxury brand and are also the best place around to pick up soft, doughy cashmere sweaters, sleepwear that dreams are made of and all the stripes you could possibly need.   This Brit’ company was built around the age old story of […] Read more…


  • FeatureSingleTask

    One at a time.

    I set myself a lot of challenges. Each day is full of tasks, to-dos and goals. Whether that is good or bad I don’t know, but what has hands down been the toughest of all the goals I’ve set myself as of late has been ‘one at a time’. This idea came about some unremarkable […] Read more…

  • HappyFeature

    5 Ways To Be Healthier and Happier right now.

    There’s a lot of information out there isn’t there? The internet is full to burst with advice on how to be the healthiest and happiest ‘you’ possible. I know, because I’ve clocked up a mind blowing number of hours scrolling through most of it. Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t advice backed by […] Read more…


  • Featurechocolatesmoothie

    The best chocolate smoothie ever (no lie).

    I’m not going to sugar coat this guys – I freakin’ love this smoothie. It’s like drinking dessert for breakfast and it seriously picks me up whenever I make it. The recipe is inspired by my absolute favourite treat when I’m out and about in the city; the Good Life Eatery’s Choc Norris (if you haven’t […] Read more…

  • SmoothieFeature

    My Green Smoothie Addiction

    I’m always surprised when people ask me what I put in my smoothies, like it’s a trick question. Because it’s so mind-bogglingly easy to make a smoothie that I can’t believe more people don’t do it. But without fail, everyday that I get my trustee Nutribullet cup out in the office kitchen I hear “what’s […] Read more…