• PinappleFeature

    On Trend: Pineapples (and other headgear).

    I recently talked about my love of food meets fashion combo. (If you haven’t read it, catch up on the ultimate foodie, fashion obsessed dream here). Love has stuck again, and this time in the form of something much healthier (but equally as cute). Yup, I’m talking (of course) about pineapples. You followed me through my […] Read more…

  • NewLookFeature


    I don’t know if you’ve picked up from this blog, but I’m not very good at narrowing my passions down. Instead of devoting myself to one thing (like food), I have thrown my hands in the air and declared my love for not only cooking (well, eating) but also for keeping myself in tip-top shape […] Read more…


  • Top5Feature

    Your summer fitness checklist.

    Ok, so everyone is saying there is going to be some serious heatwave backlash in the form of horrid weather over the next few days. But right now I’m blinded by heat and the sauna-like conditions have rendered me seemingly un-exercisable. The idea of actually choosing to sweat even more than I already am is […] Read more…

  • SocialFeature

    Food envy, hashtags and hot dog legs.

    We are all aware of the role that magazines, television, and just generally the gorgeousness of celebrities, can play on our body image. There was even a flurry of documentaries in the early 00s about how unattainable ‘crazed celebrity diets’ were for us average humans, and how looking as good as Beyonce was purely unachievable. […] Read more…


  • SugarFeature

    Too much of a good thing. Way too much.

    Every Saturday morning I wake up with a thumping headache. A thumping headache and a promise to myself that next weekend will be different. Ring a bell? Well, unlike most twenty somethings, the Friday night activity that leaves me felling less than savoury come the morning has nothing to do with alcohol (well, not much). […] Read more…

  • StockFeature

    The boy talks pet hates: food waste.

    I seriously hate it when good produce goes to waste, it totally keeps me up at night. I’m also a big fan of all those ‘tasty bits’ that can get completely overlooked. Yes, I’m the guy hiding in the kitchen gnawing on all the little bits of meat left on the bone after a the Sunday […] Read more…