• KM


    Yesterday, British Icon Karen Millen launched their teaser campaign for AW14. The aim of the game is to guess which British celeb is kitted out in Karen’s latest collection and you could bag yourself a piece from it. And with sleeveless soft cashmere coats, perfect luxury handbags and fresh autumnal florals – who would want some of that?!   Here at FFF […] Read more…

  • NikeFeature

    Forget ‘from day to night’ style, how about ‘from workout to work’?!

    Maybe it’s because I’ve signed up to a kick ass new gym (finally), or maybe it’s because London is full of people continuously in commute (and we all know the key to surviving the perils of the London underground at 8:30am is not wearing anything that would be ruined when rubbed up against a sweaty […] Read more…


  • RFfeature

    Rapidly gaining a fitness following.

    Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes, just sometimes, you are watching something rather amazing unfolding in front of you? Usually these feelings strike me when I step back and witness the boy cooking. His inhibitions fall by the wayside, and suddenly our small Hammersmith kitchen becomes a melting pot of deliciousness. (I digress […] Read more…

  • RFLFeature

    Putting my thighs to good use.

    I’m sitting here in my living room wearing a Race For Life 20th Anniversary Special Edition T-shirt. And thats it. Well, ok I have undies on. And glasses. And no, this is not the start of some slightly bizarre next chapter of the 50 Shades of Grey saga. This is a rather honest look at […] Read more…


  • Leafy-Greens-Feature

    Leafy Greens – The Superman of food.

    I have been back at school now for a month (and yes I have colour coded notes). Part-time, between work, marathon training, Gymbox attending, skype dates and ripping my hair out, I get lost in the completely incredible world of nutritional science. If I had to boil my many hours of learning about Essential Fatty […] Read more…

  • BalancingFeature

    A nutritional balancing act, and how I’m going to become immortal.

    One of the things that’s hit me about settling in to a new home, has been having to re-explain my diet. I guess my friends back in New Zealand got so sick of trying to understand why or what my eating habits were, that they just learnt not to ask questions and leave me to […] Read more…